Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saying Hello to Laurense and Mo

I’d like to start this blog by giving everyone a little background about myself, my plans for this blog, and how I hope this blog will help my life.

Here are a few quick bullets to help you get to know me:

• My name is Jon
• I have had a blog in the past (Borsch In Training)
• I’m 27 years old today
• I am newly married
• I live in the a St. Paul, MN suburb
• I’m currently riding the weight roller coaster
• I started a new job 8 weeks ago
• My wife starts a new job next week
• We purchased a house renovated by a crappy flipper and now are in a legal battle to get the house put back together
• I’m currently enrolled in an MBA program
• I run
• I bike

So, a little more about me and my hopes for this blog. Knowing the above you should also know that I plan to use this blog as an outlet for life. My main focus for this blog will be on physical fitness, running, cycling, triathlons, and other active adventures. I also plan on sharing household renovations/projects and other random things I find interesting. I hope that committing to posting will help hold me accountable for not only tracking my workouts but actually doing them. I hope this can be an open conversation, a two-way dialogue between me and you. I plan on sharing my life and my journey and I hope you will do the same with me.

So, I bet you are asking, what spawned this blog…why start reposting under a different blog now? Well, I have previously been a contractor (the past 4.5 years) and just took a new job 2 months ago. With this new job came all the normal health benefits and medical insurance. A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor for the first time in 4-5 years. Overall the doctor game me a good bill of health. We did have a short conversation around weight and what a healthy weight should be. After Mr. Doc explained the BMI chart and where mine is (36) and should be (25). After that I asked the doc to talk real, sustainable weight goals. There is no way I can sustain a weight of 180. I updated the doc on my weight history and after that we had a productive conversation.

The background for you, I’ve weighed as much as 295 pounds and as little as 227 over the past 6 years. Starting at 295 6 years ago I made a commitment to get in shape. I got down to the 260’s when I signed up for my first marathon and that summer I made my way down to 227 on race day. At that point I slowly climbed back up to 275 over the next few years. I’ve remained active but have skipped workouts, ate poorly and convinced myself I wasn’t that unhealthy.

So during this conversation with the doctor he told me I was morbidly obese. Not just overweight or obese, he threw on the word morbidly. In my head I’m thinking, I can ride my bike for hours. I can run steadily for over an hour, how in the world can he use the word morbid. This word has stuck with me the past few weeks and is probably the biggest instigator in my return to blogging. The doc and I discussed activity levels and then picked a weight loss number to shoot for and maintain.

I shared the news with my wife and eventually more people, as a joke. My wife and her aunt, while on a family camping trip, named my belly Laurence and designated that I was now to be called MO (short for morbidly obese). We all take this in fun but to me this has stayed semi-real. Once something has a name it takes on a presence. Think about a common hill you run/bike/walk or just know of. Once you give it a name it is real. Like Heartbreak Hill in the Boston marathon. It went from an incline on the elevation chart to a standalone obstacle during the race.

So, the common theme I hope to carry through this blog is distancing me from Laurence and Mo. I want to be healthier and I’m afraid if I have three identities for too long I may truly give these alternate identities personalities.

More details to come later this week around my current state, training activities, and goals.

Thanks for reading.


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richvans said...

Jon - Best of luck in your adventures losing MO and Laurence. Email me - about an offer you might not be able to refuse. Coach Rich