Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did You Know

Did You Know – You can walk 1 mile cutting a normal suburban lawn? I didn’t! I wore Mr. Garmin when I cut the lawn last Tuesday and I walked 1.2 miles in the 45 min of mowing the lawn.

Did You Know – That motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior, according to Wikipedia (the magic 8-ball of today). I’ve been lacking motivation lately. Steph and I have being stressing/worrying about how our house debacle is going to turn out. Then 1.5 weeks ago steph was in a car accident. Then this week we met with our lawyer to go over how the arbitration at our home is going to go and we are excited to have this phase coming to a close but there is still the big WHAT IF. What if we don’t recover anything? What if we don’t recover enough to fix our home? We just have lots of questions and not a lot of things in our control. I need a goal. I currently do not have a concrete goal. There are all the warm fuzzy goals but I need something to train for! Something to scare me into hitting the pavement at least 5 times a week.

Did You Know – You can take your shirt off at work, put a towel on and not have HR called? This week our group was asked to give a 10 min presentation about what we do. So, in honoring the Old Spice Man we created a 11 min video reply to questions collected from the organization. Each team member participated and it will probably be a completely awkward experience being in the room while people laugh at your 1 min video but oh well, laugh with them and hope no one calls HR.

Did You Know – That you can cover 4.5 miles walking a golf course? I brought my Garmin on a course last year to track how far I go. This Saturday we are walking the same course. I’m hoping to shorten that distance by keeping the ball in the appropriate fairway for the hole this year. After some golf the guys and I are going to hit up the Twins game. I’m hoping the eveing Twins game, lack of sleep, potential beer consumption doesn’t throw me off for our annual ride around Lake Pepin that we are doing Sunday. It is a 70-75 mile ride (depending on how much we ride around the small towns) around a wider portion of the Mississippi River that they call a lake. We will go down one side, probably the WI side, and then come back up the MN side 35 miles later. This is a great social ride; if anyone in the area wants to join us we are leaving the St. James Hotel parking lot in Redwing, MN at 7am. We usually average 17mph at the end of the ride, one year was 15 because we had someone bonk HARD. Pace will range from 17-20’ish depending on who is leading at the time. There are a few good climbs but mostly just small rolling hills and great scenery. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

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