Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A letter from Laurence and Mo

The past week has been tough. Jon has gotten in some form of work out nearly every day this week. He made us run 3 days , bike 2 other days and this was on our recovery week after that awful half marathon! Besides the half marathon this guy even made us go for a 56 mile bike ride though rural WI climbing 3,500 feet.

All of the runs were at an easy pace meant just to recover from last Sunday's half marathon. The bike rides on the other hand were pretty tough! Tuesday's ride ended up being 10 miles longer than expected and we ran out of water in 90 degree heat. Then this past Sunday we went for the 56 miler with two other. The first section of the route was fairly easy, going into the half way point the Jon's average HR was 132 (zone 2). We had some great weather, it was 80 degrees and partially cloudy. During the second half the wind picked up a little and was either in our face or from the right. Both folks Jon was riding with were strong riders but were clearly more comfortable drafting while headed into the wind. Jon pulled the two down a VERY straight stretch of rolling hills for 15 miles at an average of 19mph with an average HR of 152 (zone 3). Jon was working us a little harder and right in that fat burning zone, he is trying to kill us!

Over the past 6 weeks we've seen 6 of our buddies (pounds) pass away. If he keeps up this pace we (Laurence and Mo) will be nearly all gone by Christmas.

Send help!

Laurence and Mo

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