Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick update

Hi All,

I just wanted to give you a quick update of last week. I got in 2 of my 3 scheduled runs along with 2 sessions on the bike. One of the runs was a short recovery run. The other was my long run, which turned out to be longer than expected. I planned to do 7 miles before church Sunday morning. I mapped out a route Saturday night and went to bed after the strong storms blew threw. I got up at 7 am, ate a small breakfast and started getting my running stuff together. I have no idea what was wrong with me that day but it took me forever to find the bottles to my fuel belt (I have the two bottle version, LOVE IT). I didn't know if I would find any drinking fountains so I knew I should take a small bottle or two with me. I eventually found them and threw on my shoes and ran out the door. In doing so, I left lights on, left the TV on, forgot to lock the door. I forgot everything that morning! Then I forgot my route. I knew I had to head down one street for a while, then take a right and I would run to a lake, turn around and head home on that road making an elongated triangle or sorts. Well, 3 miles in I had to run to the porta potty for an emergency #2. When I started running again I must have turned the wrong way because it took me 2 extra miles to hit the lake...and when i got to the lake I was on the wrong part of the lake. :(

A nice man walking his dog gave me directions. I asked him where McKnight ave was and he said (pointing) a long way that way. I thanked the man and was on with my run. Now I knew how to get home but just to be safe I turned the garmin compass on and stayed true to that heading. The next two miles, climbing away from the lake, was uphill...a fair amount. My pace slipped from 10:20's to 11's.

I was feeling accomplished at the end of the run. I got up early, ran 7.5 miles, walked the last .75 extra back home and made some blueberry pancakes for Steph and I for breakfast. They were delicious!

So besides the slightly longer run, this week I've hit up a 50 mile bike ride. I threw a course together and it proved to be a really nice route. We had a fair amount of new roads, a couple large climbs but nothing too bad. We curved our way through quiet rural roads north of St. Paul. I honestly have to say that I will be doing that route again! Maybe solo, just to see what i can do on it.

We didn't have a fast day, but as this was my riding partners first time above 50 miles this year we took it easy. I ended with an average of 16.1 mph.

For the rest of this week I'm planning to get in 6 miles, 2 miles, and 9 miles of running and potentially another 30-40 mile bike ride.

Thanks for reading!



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