Gear I Use

Running Gear

Lets start from the bottom up.

I LOVE the Nike Air Pegasus shoes. I have been using this shoe for 3 seasons now and will not switch to anything else until forced to. I switched to some Sauconys once but had a horrible experience with them.

SMARTWOOL SOCKS! I LOVE THEM. They can be a bit pricey but I very rarely have blisters from running while wearing these socks. I think during both marathons I got some “hot spots” but I’m not sure either turned into a blister. I would recommend these to anyone!

As for shorts, I’m not too picky. I’ll try just about any brand name/style. I tend to stick to longer shorts (inseam longer than 7 inches), otherwise they tend to ride up and my thighs rub raw. I’ve ran both my marathons in the same pair of Nike running shorts. I have yet to put them to rest even though they are getting holes on the inner thigh. I have two of the exact same short, bought at the same time/size/everything and one never chafes and the other does on runs longer than 10’ish. I will never give up that pair of Nike shorts.

I almost always have an Under Armor compression shirt on as a base layer. I used to struggle with bloody nipples and the compression shirt seems to solve that. I’ve tried body glide, band aids, new skin, the list goes on. Compression shirt…check.

When it comes to shirts I usually just throw any technical T on over that. If I had to pick I would pick my brooks sleeveless shirt. It is super light, breathes and just works well.

On long runs I always have my fuel belt, even if I’m on a course I know has drinking fountains. I’ve been out for a run before where I was not able to find water for miles so I always carry it on anything longer than 8/9 miles. I love it, but when I was at my lowest weight it would get loose and rub. I’d suggest the one that adjusts if you play the weight roller coaster game like me.

On rainy days I like to keep the sweaty water out of my eyes so I wear a brooks running hat I bought at the expo of my first marathon. I find that it works better on cold rainy days. It is black and it just seems to trap more heat by my heat on those hot days. I have to look for a white hat or a visor to tradeoff with. Any suggestions?

Bike Gear

My bike is a Specialized Allez Elite. Size 58. Pretty much stock.

I’m not that picky about what tubes I use, but they are typically a Bontrager or Specialized tube.

Tires are Continental GP 4000s. I used to use Specialized Armadillo Elite tires. …they were bomb proof. In two years of riding my only flat was because I rode over the wrong end of a nail. I switched to the continentals because I was looking for a tire that had a better road feel yet still had good flat protection. The Armadillo tires are a dead tire, they are rough…you will feel the road. But it is all a tradeoff. The continental tires have a better road feel, absorb some of the road, roll faster but I have gotten one flat on them this season. Granted I hit a pot hole really hard I’m positive the Armadillos would have eaten that up. I’m going to stay with the Continentals as I feel they are a better tire overall.

I like Profile Design’s clamp on aero bars, but don’t ride in them regularly as my bike is set up for a road riding position and not a tri/tt position.

For those of you who like extra water, Profile Design also makes the bottle carrier I have behind my seat. LOVE IT! I can never have enough water with me.